Carl’s Story Poster

Carl’s Story

7 March - 30 March 2019

A new comic drama by Gavin Miller



The London premiere of a comic drama

Newspaper journalist Annie is a control freak at work – and at home.

She’s under pressure to nail a political scoop based on illegal phone hacked evidence. While on the home front, Annie offers up her husband, Carl, for an affair with close friend and divorcee, Beth… Are Annie’s domestic morals and professional principles about to implode?

When Beth’s ex-husband appears, a dark secret surfaces and both women are forced to face up to the past, a past in which they have been nothing less than loose with the truth!

Powerful and thought provoking, Carl’s Story holds a mirror up to the audience asking what ‘Truth’ really is. Both funny and moving, the play is beautifully written. Wonderful to see two strong female parts being played with such relish Writer and director Gavin Miller has created a tour de force.

***** Bulletin/Ultima Hora (Spain)


BrilliantCarl’s Story has to be seen!” Colm Meaney


Carl’s Story is a very, very good play.”

Sebastian Born, Associate Director (Literary), National Theatre (2007 – 2015).