Lotte Moore: A Child’s War

20 March - 24 March 2018

Adapted and Directed by Nick Bromley from Lotte Moore’s children’s book

Lotte Moore’s: A Child’s War tells the story of  a young girl’s experiences living in Britain during the Second World War.

The war was a time of hardship, heroism and hope. As a child, Lotte may not have been fully aware of the dangers and struggles around her but her memories of evacuation, rationing, blackouts and bombs give an incredible true insight into life during wartime Britain.

This production has been developed for local schools and is  adapted and directed for the stage by Nick Bromley from 81 year old local author Lotte Moore’s book, Lotte’s War. It is an accessible, first hand account of a childhood facing the perils of war with a mixture of  innocence, fear and fun.

Featuring Kirsty Jackson as Lotte, Victoria Brown as Sophie, and Jack Ayres as Ben.

Running Time is 50 minutes

Suitable for 7 years and up