5 October - 29 October 2017

by Karoline Leach

In its first London revival for 20 years, Tryst by Karoline Leach, comes to the Tabard Theatre.

Charming con-man George Love encounters naive, vulnerable, ever-hopeful Adelaide. She longs for a better life and to share it with someone she loves. George plans his usual modus operandi: Make her love him, take what he wants and leave. But once they are together in their cheap honeymoon lodgings by the sea, his plans begin to unravel in frightening and unpredictable ways.

What begins as a romantic drama about a man who woos and weds plain young women with a little money stashed away, becomes a riveting thriller with a startling climax.

Karoline Leach is a British playwright and author, best known for her book In the Shadow of the Dreamchild. Tryst premiered in the West End in 1997 to rave reviews starring Paul Nicholas and Susan Penhaligon before opening on Broadway in 2006.

Directed by Phoebe Barran (Orange Tree, National Theatre and Finborough), Tryst is a tense, passion fuelled thriller which will stay with you long after the curtain comes down.

‘Engagingly crafty… unusual and entertaining’
– Independent

‘Keeps you guessing throughout’
– Time Out New York

‘Full of suspense’
– The Sunday Telegraph

1 hour and 40 minutes

15 plus